Rouble payments to Russia

When making a rouble payments to Russia, it is necessary to include following information requested by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in payment order:

  • Complete name and address (including the city) of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number (20 digits, starts with 4)
  • Beneficiary’s INN (10 digit taxpayer’s identification code)

Please write beneficiary's account number and INN to the field 'Number of the Beneficiary's current account' as follows: 40807810402000000134/INN9909235581 (this is sample of data)

  • Complete name and address (including the city) of the beneficiary’s bank
  • BIK (9 digits, starts with 04) of the beneficiary’s bank
  • Account number of the beneficiary’s bank in the Russian Central Bank (20 digits, starts with 30101)

Please write BIK code and account number in the Russian Central Bank to the field 'Account number with the correspondent bank' as follows: BIK044583990/30101810900000000990 (this is sample of data)

  • VO-code (code of currency transaction), the letters VO + 5 digit payment code. Written in format (VO12345). NB! Payments without VO-code or with incorrect VO-code will be returned.
  • Explanation of the payment in English, the number and date of the contract

Please write VO-code and explanation to the field 'Details' as follows: (VO12345) Contract no 123, date 01.01.2017 (this is sample of data)